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Aerobic Liquid Compost Tea
Puts the Good Biology Back into the Soil and onto Plants

Helps Breakdown Toxins in the Soil 
and on Plants

100% Safe and Natural

Increases Water and Nutrient Retention

Helps Extend Root Systems

Occupies the space around infection sites
 so disease causing organisms cannot penetrate into the plant tissues
Rock Dust
Mined natural mineral rock formed
from the dust of ancient volcano
activity that flowed into nearby lake bed

100% Natural with no additives,
synthetics or fillers

Rock dust ensures plants have access to over 70 metabolically active minerals and
 trace elements

Rock dust is digested and broken down 
by microbial life within the soil making it 
readily available to plants

Re-balances soil pH

Helps prevent soil erosion

Increases resistance to insects, disease,
 frost and drought
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