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Mr. Natural's Organic Lawn Care Services
What We Use
Neem Oil - Cold pressed from the seeds of the neem tree.
Controls leaf sucking insects and fungal diseases.
OMRI listed

M Pede - OMRI listed insecticide-miticide-fungicide. For control of soft-bodied
insects, mites, and powdery mildew. Formula is based on potassium salts of naturally derived fatty acids.

Garlic Oil - Can be used with M Pede to temporarily control ticks, fleas, 
mosquitoes, and other soft bodies insects.

Cedar-wood Oil - Repellent for mosquitoes and ticks.

Predatory Nematodes - Only attack pest insects such as grubs, never plants
or earthworms. They invade the body of the insect and then reproduce on 
remains until only a shell is left behind.

Aeration and over seeding are recommended for weed control

Organic lawn amendments are available depending on soil conditions
Organic Granular Fertilizer - Nitrogen derived from soybean meal. 
Also contains non-bovine blood meal, Potassium Sulfate Plus, Greensand, Langbeinite, Compost. 
No manure or foul odors.
Nutrients released over time will not burn plants.
6- 0- 4 OMRI listed. Formulated to meet National Organic Program standards.

Aerobic Liquid Compost Tea - Totally organic soil builder that helps with moisture retention and nutrient uptake. Also helps boost resistance to disease.
Compost - Humic Acid - Worm Castings - Molasses - Rock Dust - Dried Kelp

Liquid Fish Hydrolysate - Cold processed with little to no odor. 
Fertilizes the soil to help against summer heat stress. Used with molasses to help stimulate the soil biology.

Azomite - Rock dust. Ensures turf & plants have access to over 70 metabolically active minerals and trace elements essential for their health. Increases resistance to insects, disease, frost and drought.
Helps prevent soil erosion and rebalance soil PH.
Used As Needed
March - April

Organic Granular Fertilizer
Aerating & Seeding
Soil Re-mineralization

late April - May

Liquid Compost Tea
Liquid Fish Hydrolysate


Organic Granular Fertilizer
Liquid Compost Tea

July - August

Liquid Compost Tea

Sept. - Oct.

Organic Granular Fertilizer
Aerating & Seeding
Soil Remineralization
Based on soil conditions at time
of first visit, other amendments may be suggested