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Mr. Natural's Organic Plant Care Services
What We Use

Foliar Tea - Same organic mixture as compost tea that is sprayed on plants.

Neem Oil - Cold pressed from the seeds of the neem tree.
Controls leaf sucking insects and fungal diseases.
OMRI listed

M Pede - OMRI listed insecticide-miticide-fungicide. For control of soft-bodied insects, mites, and powdery mildew. 
Formula is based on potassium salts of naturally derived fatty acids.

Garlic Oil - Can be used with M Pede to temporarily control ticks, fleas, 
mosquitoes, and other soft bodies insects.

Cedar-wood Oil - Repellent for mosquitoes and ticks.

M Pede


Foliar Tea


M Pede
Neem Oil

July - August

Foliar Tea

Sept. - Oct.

M Pede
Based on soil conditions at time
of first visit, other amendments may be suggested